A great resume is a door-opener. It's a mirror image of your past and present work written in a way that describes who you are as a person and as an employee. That's a tall order for any document to achieve, but it's absolutely necessary if you're going to capture the attention of a potential employer.

The resume as we know it today has not changed much since its inception. It's your calling card, your employment passport if you will, which stands alone as a testament to your hard work and the experience you have gained over the years. Potential employers, human resource people and executive recruiters will all ask the same question - "please forward your resume".

Research shows that employers will almost always request a resume before personally meeting a candidate. That all-important document will be perused, examined, scanned and in some cases, become part of a company's database prior to you having any human contact with representatives of the prospective company. The resume must "speak" for you and present your work history and experience in an interesting and compelling way. If your resume is not an accurate and compelling picture of who you are as a potential employee, then you will never get the chance to pitch your case in person.

Why take the chance that your resume only tells part of your story? Your resume represents a vital link to the business world who have come to rely on resumes as the single most important piece of information about candidates under consideration, so it's up to you to make sure your resume is a shining representation of you and your background.

If you feel your resume could use some sprucing up or maybe even a complete makeover, then consider having a Job-itis resume specialist fix it up for you. Our resume specialists have seen and written hundreds of resumes from people at all levels in countless industries. Your job search should improve immediately and you should notice a renewed interest in your candidacy once you start sending out your new resume.

Our Job-itis resume specialists are trained and keenly aware of what terms, buzz-words and key words are most important in today's digital world of processing resumes. Their attention to detail and their ability to capture the essence of you and your experience will help your resume stand out from the multitude. A snappy resume will help you get that interview so you can tell your story to the key company personnel who matter.

Talk to one of our Job-itis resume specialists today and know that your career is being presented in a professional manner.

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