If you're like most people, you pull out that tired old resume that you wrote before taking your last job. Maybe you stayed in your job three or four years and you decide that all it needs is a little updating. Possibly you're right, but then again, are you willing to take the chance that today's job market will react the same way to your resume as it did before you started your last job? As the market place changes, so should your resume.

Maybe the format could be updated and now that you're older and more experienced, maybe a functional format might make more sense for you. Your resume is a reflection of you and you don't want prospective employers to think that you're behind the times. A snappy, well-written resume and cover letter are your calling cards. They should tell your story succinctly and at the same time give the reader a sense of who you are as a person. It's like a new suit. It should fit you well, both credentially and personally.

Your cover letter and resume may just need some minor adjustments and not a total makeover.

Our resume experts will thoroughly examine your letter and/or resume and give you an unbiased assessment of each with any recommendations for improvement. A well-written, crafted cover letter and resume can open doors. They get you interviews.

If you decide after getting a cover letter and/or resume critique that you want a resume makeover, we'll deduct the cost of your critique(s) from the cover letter and/or resume makeover cost.

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