• Speak on the phone with an executive Job-itis counselor.
  • All sessions are personal and confidential.
  • Continuation sessions can be purchased during a session or at a later date.
  • You must first log in or sign up, then fill out a Counseling Session Request Form.
  • The information you provide on your session request form will help us in matching you with an appropriate Counselor.


We understand that higher earning business executives often have different and more complicated work and career issues than do other working class people. As such, we will pair you up with a Job-itis Counselor who will understand your special needs and interests. We'll even attempt to partner you with a Counselor from your industry if available.


  • On the Home Page, create a new account to become a Job-itis client-- IT'S FREE.
  • Fill out a confidential Counseling Session Request Form. Your responses will only be seen by your assigned Counselor and designated management staff. Tell us why you wish to have a counseling session so that your Counselor will be fully briefed prior to speaking with you on the phone. We do not require that you use your real name, the name of your company or any co-worker's names.
  • Once your Counselor and you have mutually agreed on a date and time, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.
  • Late into your first session, a second continuing session may be purchased provided your current Counselor is available.
  • At the end of your session, the Counselor will recommend that you fill out a Client Post-Counseling Session Form that will ask for your comments regarding your session and whatever feedback you would like to offer.
  • You may request your original Counselor should you return at a later date for another counseling session. If your requested Counselor is unavailable, another appropriate Counselor will be assigned to you who will review the notes from your past sessions before speaking with you.

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