Ever wonder where you're going with your job or career? The boss could be happy with your work, your colleagues are all friendly enough and you may actually feel like you're being compensated fairly -- but the whole thing just doesn't seem to feel right. "Maybe there's more I could be doing", you wonder.

Well, there is. People who work hard, and are serious about doing a good job tend to keep their head down and not see the forest for the trees. In other words, the bigger picture gets lost in the details of daily work. As a result, the bigger picture begins to get fuzzy.

Well, now you can turn to a Job-itis job/career Counselor who has worked with scores of people with similar questions. Our Counselors are impartial experts that can help you navigate and plan for the future. Is this the right industry for me? Should I be thinking about transitioning to a new job or career? What are the issues that I need to concentrate on? These are just some of the questions you might be asking yourself.

Just like a medical check-up, a Job-itis job/career check-up is designed to help you keep your goals in sight and recognize if you are staying on track. Possibly you're happy with your current work and career situation and are no longer looking down the road, but just to the immediate future. A session with a Job-itis counselor can give you the confidence and reassurance to keep doing exactly what you've been doing.

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