Life and business are filled with finish lines, real or imagined, that help us to gauge our successes. Sometimes the road to success may need nothing more than a slight course-correction. Other roads may require more of an adjustment. But no matter what the road, one must first be able to see the destination and then be willing to take that first step.

And success can be measured in many different ways. Some people strive for material success, others for personal success, still others measure their success in terms of their status in their job, industry or the business world in general.

No matter what the measurement and no matter how high or low the ambition, everyone's definition of their own personal success is different and changes over time. It's when you don't feel that you're measuring up to those success benchmarks that can make you feel inadequate and disappointed.

When you know that it's not just about a problem that can be remedied with a session or two talking to a Job-itis counselor, it may be time to consider teaming up with a certified Job-itis coach to help guide you to a better personal and professional place.

Many job and career issues evolve and fester over time. Our coaches understand that some career problems require a methodical, experienced evaluation and strategy and need time in order to develop into a satisfying career solution that need only be tweaked when obstacles appear down the road.

Coaching is not for everyone. It works best with people who are truly vested in their job or career and who are serious about improving their business life. And just like the greatest athletes, teamwork is what helps them get stronger and more resilient and helps them achieve their most desired goals. There's no "I" in team, just as there's no "I" in coach. You don't talk to a Job-itis coach, you work with and team up with a Job-itis coach.

Naturally, when you are feeling more confident about your job or career, invariably your personal life improves as well. Getting the two most important spheres of your life in sync is a goal many strive for and few achieve. Starting with a defined, goal-oriented coaching program to improve your job or career should be your first step towards realizing complete satisfaction with all aspects of your life.

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