Interviews can be scary. But they need not be if you go into them prepared and ready to answer any question posed to you. Our team of Job-itis interview experts will discuss your situation with you and run you through the kinds of questions you are about to encounter.

Now you don't have to just guess at what the interviewer meant when they said "we're going with a more appropriate person for the job." Your interview team member will give you the unfettered truth about your personal presentation, the way you express yourself and how you generally interact and react to those tricky questions and to the interviewer. The key to acing any interview is feeling confident knowing that you've been prepared in the subtle nuances that form those all-important first impressions.

Take the journey with a Job-itis interview skills counselor and get the professional objective evaluation on ways to perform at your peak when a first impression is all you'll get. Don't go it alone. Partner up with an interview expert and stop losing those career-deciding interviews.

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