What can I expect when speaking to a Job-itis Counselor?

You can expect a knowledgeable, sympathetic listener who will first want to hear about all aspects of your issue before making an evaluation. If you were explicit about your issue on the Services Request Form, the Counselor will be fully briefed before you even connect on the phone. Most issues can be comfortably discussed within one thirty minute counseling session. If you feel it necessary, you can always ask your Counselor to pause your current session and book a continuing session. Or, you can always book another session at a future date.

Is my personal information secure?

Absolutely. Any information that you provide to Job-itis is kept securely in our server where it is only shared with your Counselor and authorized Job-itis management. In fact, we encourage the use of screen names for both our Counselors and Clients and prefer that you not use the real names of the company you work for or the people you work with when speaking with a Counselor.


Will my Job-itis Counselor offer me solutions to my issue(s)?

Job-itis Counselors are experienced professionals who will attempt to help you reach a satisfactory resolution to whatever issue(s) you present. However, we recognize that some issues are just not quickly resolvable or within our capability to address. But, you can be assured that your Counselor will give you his/her full attention and listen and offer an unbiased perspective for a plan going forward. As a matter of policy, Job-itis Counselors will never suggest that you quit your job.

How do Job-itis credits equate to dollars?

Each Job-itis credit equals one dollar (USD). We use credits because it's an easier way to keep track of our clients' accounts. When paying for a counseling session or a Job-itis service through PayPal, the number of dollars charged will be automatically changed into credits when viewing your account status on the Job-itis site. By the way, PayPal is an extremely secure website that can process any credit card and you don't have to join as a member in order to use it.

Why don't all of the Job-itis services have a cost listed at the bottom of the page?

That's because some services like resume writing and image/wardrobe makeover for example, have to be tailored to your specific needs based on the amount of time that will be necessary to achieve a satisfactory result. That's why we offer a free initial consultation with a Counselor before a quoted cost can be established. The consultations are about fifteen minutes in length.

What if I don't approve the quoted cost of a Job-itis service?

A requested service cannot be scheduled unless the quoted cost for that service has been approved by you. The quoted price will be held for approval for up to thirty days before it expires. An entirely new request, approval and remittance process needs to be initiated in order for a service request to be rescheduled after it has expired.

Can gift certificates be redeemed for cash?

No, Job-itis gift certificates cannot be redeemed for cash. Once purchased, the gift certificate can be redeemed within six months by the recipient for Job-itis counseling or services only.